Why Tampa Homeowners Choose Pavers For Patios & Walkways

Tampa Homeowners Choose PaversHomeowners in Tampa love pavers. But why are more and more locals choosing pavers for patios and driveways? There are many reasons pavers are ideal for Tampa homes.

For many Tampa residents pavers, which generally resemble bricks, offer a certain local nostalgia for locals, and especially those who were born and raised in the city. The brick-lined streets of Ybor City remind many of Tampa’s heritage as a cigar manufacturing hotbed. Thousands of Old World immigrants from Cuba, Spain, Italy, and other places brought the trade with them and helped Tampa become known worldwide as the “The Cigar Capital of the World.” Patios and walkways made from pavers carry some of the charm from Tampa’s cigar-driven yesteryear into the busy world of today while adding a touch of class to any home.

Whether or not a Tampa homeowner holds a special regard for Ybor City and local history, there is the undeniable fact that pavers simply look better than many other materials that are typically used to pave patios and walkways. The versatility of pavers provide for the complete customization of any walkway or patio, and layouts and designs are limited only by the imagination of the homeowner.

Patios and walkways made from pavers provide Tampa homeowners with durability unmatched by traditional concrete slabs, which can crack, or asphalt, which soon fades and becomes brittle. And gravel or stone? Forget it! The first heavy rain, common on a daily basis during Tampa summers, can easily wreak havoc on a stone or gravel patio or walkway and wash away the material. But pavers, when installed well, will look great for many years and can withstand decades of foot traffic.

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