Brick Pavers Increase Value Of Tampa Homes

Brick Pavers Tampa

Did you know that installing brick pavers at your Tampa home can increase its curb appeal and overall desirability, thus helping raise its market value? It’s true, and it’s just one of the many reasons countless homeowners are upgrading their bare concrete, loose aggregate, and mulched driveways, pool decks, walkways, and other outdoor living areas by having brick pavers installed at their Tampa homes.

Homeowners can certainly reap the benefits of personal pride and enjoyment of owning a home with paver driveways, paver walkways, paver patios, and other types of living areas finished with pavers. But it’s no surprise that those who are planning to sell their homes often choose pavers to help makeover an outdoor living area before listing their properties.

There are many reasons so many Tampa homes feature brick pavers throughout the landscape. Benefits include:

  • Pavers retain their beauty for years – Unlike bare concrete, which cracks and fades, or asphalt, which looks bland and needs to be repaved every few years, brick pavers look great for years and years without needing to be replaced.
  • They’re durable – Pavers can stand the test of time against heavy traffic, including foot wear and usage by common passenger vehicles (such as in the case of driveway pavers).
  • Pavers are low maintenance – You don’t need to refinish pavers, paint them, or do much of anything else in terms of maintenance except give them an occasional rinsing with a hose or sweeping to help remove loose debris. Pavers are the ultimate low-maintenance, high-return hardscaping material.
  • They represent a cost-effective upgrade – Compared to the cost of concrete, asphalt, and other hardscaping materials, brick pavers are the best value for the dollar considering their overall durability, long-lasting beauty, and low-maintenance convenience.
  • Brick pavers give Tampa homes a luxury look – There’s no comparison here! Having brick pavers installed is one of the fastest, least expensive ways to turn an ordinary-looking home into a place that appears extraordinary.

When you need to have brick pavers installed at your Tampa home by experienced professionals, the place to turn is Bay Brick Pavers. They have been serving the Tampa Bay Area since 2006 and have earned a solid reputation as the local brick paver company of choice for countless homeowners. They offer custom paver solutions, two-year service warranties backed by The Outdoor Floor Source, and 20-year (and longer) manufacturers’ warranties. It’s no wonder they have earned a prestigious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, an “A” grade from Angie’s List, and many amazing reviews on Yelp and Google.

For more information about having brick pavers installed at your Tampa home, contact Bay Brick Pavers today. They will gladly offer a free, no-obligation consultation and a complimentary estimate for your paver project.