5 Options For Beautiful Pavers At Your Tampa Home

Options For PaversThere are many ways Tampa homeowners can incorporate pavers into their outdoor living spaces. It’s something we’re seeing more and more of these days, as homeowners trade in bare concrete, asphalt, mulch, or stones for brick pavers. Upgrading to pavers is a common-sense move for homeowners who want beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor areas that will last for years and years and still look good well into the future.

Pavers also offer Tampa homeowners excellent versatility and can be used for a wide array of projects. These include:

Driveways – Pavers are ideal for Tampa driveways because they can withstand the constant wear and tear of vehicular traffic and they also enhance the curb appeal of the home. Driveways finished with pavers look outstanding and are often associated with luxury homes and other upscale properties, yet they can fit the look and feel of virtually any type of home.

Pathways & Walkways – Pavers can enhance any walkway. While bare concrete sidewalks have no charm and dirt or mulch paths can wash away in the next storm, a walkway finished with pavers will endure for years, provide dependable footing for pedestrians, and look great over the long haul.

Pool Decks – A pool deck finished with pavers looks like something out of a tourism brochure for a tropical resort. Imagine how a handsome pool deck covered with safe, durable pavers would look at your Tampa home!

Walls – From raised planting beds in the landscape to retaining walls around a pool deck, walls made from our pavers look great and can help transform any outdoor living area from “ho-hum” to “oh, WOW!”

Patios – The larger the patio, the harder it is to maintain – unless, that is, it’s finished with pavers. As pavers are low maintenance and retain their beauty for many years, they can help turn your outdoor recreation area into a carefree, enjoyable venue for family meals, parties, or simply for relaxing with a book and a cup of your favorite beverage.

No matter what type of project you wish to venture on for your Tampa home, pavers can make it look attractive and will withstand the test of time. When you choose Bay Brick Pavers to handle the project, you can also be confident that it will be performed by highly skilled experts who will ensure the final product is stunning. All of our materials are backed by manufacturer’s warranties lasting 20 to 25 years, and the service is guaranteed with a two-year warranty covered by The Outdoor Floor Source. We’ve even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, an “A” grade from Angie’s List, and have earned a multitude of positive reviews on Google and Yelp.

For more information, contact Bay Brick Pavers today. We will gladly provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.