10 Surprising Things you Didn’t Know About Pavers

Pavers TampaThere are so many options for adding pavers to your Tampa home. Most people think pavers are “one size fits all” and usually come via a pallet at a big box store. But professionally installed brick pavers can be so much more! Bay Brick Pavers, Inc. would like you to know a bit more about pavers and all our options. Get your complimentary quote today and get started adding brick pavers to your home or small business in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Check out some of our favorite brick paver facts:

  1. Clay Brick Pavers are fired are from clay and are fired in a kiln at high temperatures unlike concrete brick pavers which are not fired in a kiln. This allows them to hold up to heavy traffic and changes their texture causing them to become nonporous.
  2. Properly installed pavers can last more than a quarter of a century all on their own, some may last longer but it will depend on their composition and installation location.
  3. Pavers are designed to allow for movement without cracking. This is good news for pavers installed in Tampa homes that might have large root systems that change under the ground over time.
  4. Pavers can be traced back to The Roman Empire! So, get your chariot ready or maybe just make mental note that some of those paver roads are still used to this day when you decide to add pavers to your Tampa driveway or patio.
  5. Pavers are not one size fits all, there is not standard cut or shape. Brick pavers can be used for many projects including murals and wall art.
  6. Pavers can be considered Eco-Friendly when added to your Tampa home. They create less emissions and can be reused again and again.
  7. Crafted brick pavers come in different classifications depending on the amount of weight they will need to endure or the temperature they will need to stand up against.
  8. Pavers last longer than poured concrete! They hold up more securely as well. So, if you are ready to lay pavers and replace that cracked concrete driveway you are already making the right decision for the long-term beautification of your home or business.
  9. Plants love pavers! Garden beds and retaining walls are appealing paver projects to help your yard stand out from the neighbors.
  10. Brick pavers like people! Well, if they had feelings they would, but what I mean is that they are low maintenance. Once installed a brick paver patio or driveway will remain beautiful for years and years without you having to lift a finger.

Reach out to Bay Brick Pavers, Inc.  and speak to one of our professionals about what brick pavers can do for you. We can answer all your questions and even schedule an appointment to visit one our showrooms. We are standing by to serve you!